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E! Style Collective member Shea Marie, of Peace Love Shea, breaks down the easiest beauty look you'll need all summer. Watch it now!
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With its new concept store 'Dona Caisa', its niche hotels situated at the heart of the trendy Santa Teresa quarter and its immense luxury mall, Rio de Janeiro has recently become a city of hype. A report including interviews with Jean-Michel Ruis, Igor Saboia and Gabriel Palumbo... Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its legendary beaches, its sugarloaf and the statue of Christ the Redeemer.
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Professional dancers Emily and Ben are back with this week’s Take The Floor episode where they show you how to master the basic box step. The box step is a dance step named after the pattern it creates on the floor which is that of a square and is the most common dance step in the waltz. The box step is a key component to your first dance and mastering the basic moves will help you look professional and elegant on your special day.
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Viral beauty vlogger Dulce Candy and the gorgeous Rosie Rivera have some much needed girl talk and show us all about the hottest trend made famous by latin superstar JLO; 'strobing.'
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A look at some helpless creatures getting a helping hand...out of otherwise hopeless situations.
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Sometimes the biggest obstacles we encounter are the ones we create in our own minds.
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Feeling overwhelmed by the clutter of beauty products? Don't worry! We got Jessie Jane, founder of and Lifestyle Expert on Hallmark Channel's 'Home & Family', to save the day with three ways you can organize your beauty products. Watch this video to see what they are and get other important storage tips.
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