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Get Julieanna Hever's tips for what you should do and not do while pregnant.
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Aveion Cason Sr. is a former NFL running back who spent nine seasons playing with the pros and a lifetime growing up fatherless. Yet when Cason had a son of his own, the former NFL player was absent in his child's life as well, continuing the fatherless-son cycle. Watch as Cason's 13-year-old son explains to his absent dad how he felt during the near-10 years that Cason was missing from his life.
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Becoming a mother for the first time certainly has its challenges. Celebrity Hilary Duff shares her tips for the first year of motherhood as the spokesmom for Johnson Baby Cares. The organization’s initiative “Save The Children” provides resources and support for first-time mothers who need assistance, as they deal with the new experiences of parenting.
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Nobody likes a shower with terrible water pressure. But before you call a plumber to fix it, make sure you clean your shower head to make sure the poor shower is not due to buildup.
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Carmen MacAngus, BScPT, AFCI, Physiotherapist, discusses prenatal physiotherapy and the the ways it can assist pregnant women cope with muscle and posture issues.
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Teaching your kids how to manage stress is one of the best skills a parent can pass along. Pediatrician Tanya Remer Altmann, MD, shares tips to help kids keep their stress in check.
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Linda throws a Sunday dinner party before her friends leave town for Thanksgiving.
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When Katie was 15 her body began to betray her. Her arms and joints began to lock up and the pain made it nearly impossible for her to do the one thing she wanted to do since she was 2: dance. When the doctors offered her wheelchair, which they told her was inevitable, she refused. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and through proper medication, a healthy diet, and constant exercise Katie has rebounded. She’s now not only walking, but landing auditions with elite dance companies.
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