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This person set out to Oregon to capture the solar eclipse with his family. While he was there, he set up a series of telescopes which attracted the attention of other people who came to view the eclipse. As the moon moved in front of the sun, everyone looked up to the sky in awe.
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4 months ago
A computer may now be able to detect suicidal thoughts. Scientists found that words like "death" and "trouble" produce a neutral signature in suicidal people. The report was documented in the journal "Nature Human Behavior." More than 44,000 thousand commit suicide per year in the U.S. alone. "There really is a difference in the way [suicidal] people think about certain concepts," author Marcel Just told NPR.
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4 months ago
One neighborhood in Queens, New York has come together to make a difference and restore their community garden. With the help of the TKF Foundation, the U.S Forest Service and Cornell University, they're reconnecting with nature, finding solace and renewing a sense of purpose and a stronger community.
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4 months ago
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has no hesitation in criticizing San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz again for acting in a manner that the White House thinks is negative and political in nature. Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she should have been more helpful and involved in the relief efforts, instead of making political comments after the President left Puerto Rico.
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Wildlife Biologist Megan O'Reilly teaches people bats are not creatures to fear, but to protect, at the Audubon Center bat night hike.
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The Hot as Hell team was inspired by trees and roots and birds, and drew on global cultures and ethnicities for a unique melting-pot of a collection.
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